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What’s your number?

I am a 9?

Nope this isn’t my shoe size!

That’s my year number (which is coincidentally the same as the universal year number).

Last year my was an 8 year, when reading about the 8 year I kept seeing the words ‘money’ and ‘power’ pop up, which I didn’t really understand how this would apply to me. I was at the time in a normal 9-5 job, however I had plans to start my own business but since I was finishing my re-training as a SQL DBA I was struggling to find the time to dedicate to the business. Money was also not as available so things were going slowly, but the desire to make changes to my working life got stronger, my wish was to have the resources to make this happen.
Be careful what you wish for ….

“This year you will feel the ambition stirring and a deep desire to better your financial conditions, so it is necessary to be very business-like, efficient, and practical all through the year. There is a big opportunity in the year for advancement and improvement of your standing and credit; but conditions are not going to be easy, for you will be called upon to exercise good judgement and business efficiency.”

Page 237 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan

Fast forward a few months and there was a shock at work, my employers fortunes had taken a bit of a nose dive, and in July I was made redundant. The good thing about being a mystic is that you rarely are taken completely by surprise, if you pay attention to the signs and symbols along the way, you are led to the message…. the message was very clear, redundancy can lead to your dreams.
So my wish came true, I had both the funds, and the time to pursue my business ambitions.

“November tends to give a fresh start from an old stand-point”

Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
This was very apt, November is when things really became very real indeed, the website was finished which was the last piece of the puzzle that took more time then I had anticipated.
Life is full of cycles (like a universal washing machine), understanding these cycles can give us insight into our upcoming year. Now I am not an expert in numerology, but sometimes a little information is the heads up that we need to gain an advantage.

So what happened to you in 1971, 1980, 1989, 2007?

Why? Well those years were the same number as this year, they will shed some light into the focus of your year, and how to best use those energies. This demonstrates the 9 year cycle

Universal year grid
So, what does the 9 year have in store for me?

“Between January this year and January next you will realize a completion and also the fulfillment if some of your dreams. You are now closing a cycle of experience, one that you began 9 years ago, leading to a beginning and new start with next year.”

Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
For me, 2007 was the year I started exploring tarot which started me on a new path, to where I am now as a full time coach, mentor, and business owner.

“During the year you must be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile.

” Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
Letting go is often a difficult, but the results are always worth the pain. In 2007 it was also the ending of a few family connections, some in part were related to my new life, the fact I was no longer in the mystical closet. I left behind some connections to allow me to move forward into my new life.

So what is your number? Find out here

Get in touch, I would love to hear your experiences with personal years!

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