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Latte, Cappuccino, or Tarot reading?

Is your list of tarot services, losing you customers?


Hot or cold?

A latte, cappuccino, or flat white?

Ohh I think I want one of those Gingerbread lattes thingies…Ohhh actually that new Salted Carmel cappuccino sounds fab, oh no, that spiced pumpkin latte looks special!

Ok, Salted caramel cappuccino it is

What size do I want? hmmm

Take out?

Do I want cream on top? YES

Think about the last time you went to coffee chain, the list of options is huge, and the list of questions we are asked are endless. We want a coffee, but it’s no longer a question of black or white, it’s a complicated process that often leaves you breathless and in a great need of caffeine.

Working with a tarotpreneur today on their business I was reminded of a big mistake many readers make is their choice of products that they offer, the readings services often only make sense to other readers or people who have an interest in tarot (we all know that fellow tarot readers can often make the worst clients). Keep in mind that the general public,  when looking for a reading don’t care how many cards, or what spread you use, or which deck you prefer, all these options can confuse a potential customer and the transaction fails to be completed, a sale lost.

A customer wants a questions answered, how this is done is usually of no consequences, as long as the question is answered as expected. Don’t narrow the field of potential customers, especially in a saturated market, if it’s overly complicated people will simply go elsewhere.

Keeping your services menu simple and clear will appeal to a wider audience, focus on the customer experience, not the number of cards, spreads, or decks used.

Isn’t it time you reviewed your services menu?

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